Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is the 21 of March..My brother passed away yesterday~~the first of my Siblings. I have now 6 is a very sad time for me. I will miss him, but know he is in a much better place. He was looking foward to seeing the Lord. I hope my Bobchi, and father were there to great him.You can tell I am getting older and set in my Parents ways~~I always respected my aunts and uncles and knew my parents loved them and thought it was a sin to talk demerring to them...times have changed and one needs to adjust to that. Tomorrow is the awake...once this is over I will get back to being me~~Keep thous that I love close to me...loose those that don't value what a family is and travel on being happy and positive till God calls me home. I don't care for the drama that those need to happen with and all the he ,she said crap life is too freaking short for that. I am sooo thankfull for my friends and I am blessed with many good ones. And my siblings that I love....dreading the next 2 days but with God's brother Joey words of wisdom...I shall over come the hurdles~~~Happy Trails till then~~~

Monday, March 11, 2013

Omg~~~~ I wrote so much the other night...I really need to escape in my thoughts. Having a hard time right now in my brother is sibling...I thought I saved all I wrote and it is gone...but perhaps some where it is...I am just a bit disenbobled right now...shall try again later to write about it... (as I hit the post button...I found the draft...Ya,,,will finish that one tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yikes, it's me

Dam, it has been a long time since I blogged. Kinda missed that therapeutic activity in my life. Once I realized ( J ) had been visiting my blog and trying to over analyze every single word I said or trying to find his own meaning, it kinda deterred me my pleasure. But in reality I have been busy and for the most part lazy. I stopped doing SS due to the fact that those that played didn't share their answers and unless you had a tracker on it you never did see what they answered. And most of them forgot the main rule, No Cell phone when a bear was chasing them....most seemed to dial 911 and had help there before the bear devoured them- took the fun out of it for me, I tell ya! Ok- it is like summer here is over...and it went to fast for me. Surely must be a sign of aging. I camped a few times and still have a few more trips planned this month and next. I got a Jet ski and played on the river a lot. Learned how to trailer it, dock it, fuel it and all the works. I even live on the edge and ski standing up. I truly love it. Have been on face book and twitter-doing my tweets twits and one liners. Work still sucks for me...I work to pay for my health insurance and my life style has been sooo cramped lately....I had to let all the help go---No more maid,gardener-cook...or personal sex pleasure guy...I have to do everything my self....and I am not that good at it all. Feel free to send donations...or PSPG....Till then Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update On Me

Boy, my post's have been getting far apart, and I can truly blame it on Facebook, and now I have found FarmTown on there. It is a virtual game where you have you guessed it a farm. When I reached level #5, I became a Farmer. Now I am at level #6 so as you can see I am moving very slow in that game. As for my own little farm (garden) that is doing great but that too takes a lot of my time. Yesterday I bought 3 bags of a new mulch. It looks like red cedar mulch but made with reclyed tires. Not sure how good that is going to be. Usually I do research on things before I use them, This time I did not. And again this year I have seen a woodchuck eyeing my flowers to eat. I had the dog chase him out of the yard. I find it sorta funny to see him there. I live in the city, my yard is fenced in, he so needs to move out to the country. I celebrated my birthday the other day, not sure yet how I feel about that I have mixed emotions there. The day before my birthday we had our first BQ at one of our Boat Club's. Had a great crowd close to 300 people. A lot of my siblings were there and one of my BFF's Linda and her family. Also I took my MomMa out of the home and she enjoyed it so much. My BFF surprised me with a Caravel Ice cream cake. My sister Milly surprised me with a cake she made from scratch with raspberry filling. ( J) surprised me with a beautiful cake with my favorite color green on it. So that was all nice. At work my boss did what she usually does ignored it. She is such a bitch. Last week I gave her a notice to be out for 2 weeks I do this every year.....Scheduled a medical procedure that I need and get 2 weeks to rest and go camping to recover.....Well she denied it. She truly believes RCA's are not entitled to any time off.....Grant it I have been there 16 freakin years working a few days every week, and If life was fair for me I should have had this route 3 years ago and getting paid to take time off. Being in this Union really sucks for RCA's. You always hear the harp get involved do more.....well I have attended all county meetings except the last one and it is all the same. The union uses RCA's dues as a buffer for the regulars benefits. I get on a roll about that UGH! The group that I joined "Ms. Fits" were we get together and go for a walk once a week, well last week we walked the RipVan Winkle Bridge. For any one WHO knows me....Knows I hate bridges and is afraid of heights. Well the bridge is a mile long, and at half of it you can look down and on both sides of you see the water. I have tried to walk it numerous times before and could never get the courage up.....But I did it! I walked across and back. Well I have much more to update about but now it's time to get ready and go to work.....Ugh I dread seeing that PM....she totally is on a EGO trip....Being a Black Postmaster and having all us little white slaves to work with. I can truly say that! Luckily this past few months I haven't heard her comment on my BFF about her family being a Apple Pie Family. Perhaps I should look into filing discriminating charges against her....humm. Happy Trails!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Down With Work

Life happens and time goes by quicker than you realize, and some times instead of going from A to Z....You kinda get to just G and go back to A to start all over again. It is a shorter circle in life. I am so ticked off with work and the PO. When the guy retired 3 years ago, the normal chain of order would have been- route gets posted and the senior RCA gets it. Thats me! But no the route had to remain open for DPS, then to use as a buffer. And the sub on record is the sub that stays there till it does get posted. They get to get sick days, annual days off, paid vacations. Me I get crap. All my senority and I get nothing. Last week I was handed a letter telling me I need to be available for the regular on the route I usually do, to cover her vacations....Or I will loose my job. ( Mind you I have never just not showed up when schedualled in 16 years.....This was like a freaking slap in the face. Yesterday I was handed another letter telling me I need to be available for the RCA when she wants off, another slap in the face. Grant it, I am best friends with the other RCA, and love her like a sister. I am happy for her for collecting all she can.....I just wish it wasn't me being suffered. She and I are the only ones we can count on for each other there. She watches my back as I watch hers. As for every one else there I hate.....OK, not the clerks they are in a different craft....and even asked me to switch crafts..... I should just switch freakin jobs but after so long, starting over on the bottom sucks....But actually I am sorta there now. I got to where I dispise the Union, and the whole NYRLCA. I think after wasting so much money collecting my dues for me these past 16 years the should do more for RCA's. If any RCA was to ask me about joining the UNION I would tell them not to. Drop out now and save your money!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Situation Sunday # 72

Welcome! On a recent camping trip we rented movies from the RedBox. One movie really was crappy but it lead me to think this makes for a great Situation....So on with the show.

Situation # 1
It is Christmas Eve and you still have shopping to do. You get to the mall and drive all over looking for a spot.....None in sight. finally you spot a site and by the time you get to notice that car has taking up 2 spots. Your boiling point has finally been broken and you leave a note on their windshield....telling them what a Jerk they are. After you have shopped it is late and a lot of cars have left. And you are far away in the parking you go to your car you pass the jerks car and notice the note is gone. You get in your car and the jerks car blocks you from leaving. They get out of the car and it is a gang of 5 hoodlums, telling you that you has dissed them now you are going to pay! The security officer comes over and they shoot him. You ram your car into theirs to give you a way to leave in a hurry......they follow. You reach for your cell phone and it is dead. The streets are deserted.....What do you do?
Situation # 2
You are going to meet your future in-laws and family. You totally do not like them. They are rude, ignorant and selfish people. Every week they get together for Sunday dinner.....How are you going to handle this?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip To Scusset Beach

We left Saturday right after work, as gas prices started to rise. We waited till we left NY state to get gas, it is always cheaper on the Mass Pike. (J) has been on a no carb diet for the past 3 months and has lost 30lbs. Of course he has stayed away from his favorite foods, and now will take advantage for 4 days and eat some of his favorites. For me it means going away from my norm of my favorite foods and eating a bit different for the next few days. Our first stop on the Mass pike brought us great treat from Papa Gino's/Dangelo's, it totally beat McDonald's. They make the best pizza and subs. I totally hate going to Subway....To many decisions for me have to name your meat, veggies, bread, dressing. I like just saying a Italian sub and they make all the decisions. The rest of the food of the trip consisted of the best fried oysters and lobster bisque for me and fried clam strips and clam chowder for him from Seafood Sams. It was excellent. And making your own salads from the grocery store. We camped right at Scusset Beach. It is a state campground.Here are some postcards...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Updates And Chocalate Warning

HERSHEY chocolate can cause small feet! It is proven...these..uh things ate a lot of chocolate and their feet stayed small. Now really how gross is this shot. I can almost say that one dark hair girl on the end must have bad hygiene....Her hand can't even reach her own navel....need I say more. But truly why would they even pose for a shot like this. This is defiantly going on my fridge, it will defiantly make me think before I grab that butter. This past week for the most part has been wonderful. I got together with a long lost friend of mine. We had such a great day! I haven't seen her in 20 years....It felt like seeing my sister.We both pulled in at the same time. I was going to bring pictures but I kinda knew she would, so I didn't this time. And sure enough she did. She looked great! I think she weighed the same if not less than when we were in high school. She has been believing in the "Secret" and I have too. We had lunch at the Everydinner in Hyde Park. The waitress was nice and gave us our space as we chatted and reminisced. We both decided on the same lunch....A Hudson Salad with chicken,apples,pecans, blue cheese and a tomato dressing. After lunch we strolled around the Vanderbilt mansion, checking out the gardens and taking pictures. Saw a small pot plant growing in the rose garden...good From their we went over to FDR home. How interesting that was. We joined a bus tour group and I learned a lot about a great president. That was so much fun....Can't wait to get together again. Yesterday was my Ms. Fit group. That was our second meet up. I am so glad I joined that group. A Cyber friend of mine told me about it. http// you can find a local group near you with people that share the same interests...check it out it is so cool. Today I find out I might have to work,,,( I am not going to) route 3 on Monday....The carrier is out sick...his sub has a medical appointment and I am next in line. Well it is ( J's) 50th birthday and we are leaving on Saturday after I get done with work. I have to make myself available to be on Route 1 and route 2....I have rescheduled numerous medical appointments to make sure there is coverage but no way in hell am I responsible for a 3rd route. I didn't plan on being responsible for 2 routes after 15 years....I need to talk to someone else in the Union because this is crap with a capital S......Tomorrow I hope we hit close to 80 I wanna take my Jet ski out!!! Happy Trails!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Situation Sunday # 71

Welcome to # 71 of Situation Sunday, by now you know the rules, if not scroll back a few and see. Now on with the Situations.....

Situation # 1

You are driving down a lone country road. Very few cars are on the road if any. You have no cell service. And to make matters worse you are 30 miles from the nearest town. It is a beautiful warm sunny you go along a bee flies into your window......little know to you but it is a Queen bee and her workers are slowly surrounding your car......thousand's of her bees are on your car tyring to get close to her.........What do you do?
Situation # 2
The capital of your city is celebrating their tulip bloom. It is a big celebration. The media is there along with millions of town folk and tourist. They have some of the rarest tulips....spectacular in color....You are there with your child or one hat is in your care.....They want cotton candy and you tell them not now and they throw a tantrum and start running through the tulips and destroying them as they run a muck....what do you do?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Past Week

( This is a old picture, of a favorite lady in her son's green house at spring time)
This has been a fun filled week for me. Hectic and fun. I worked all week. Spent half of it up at Jenny's on the hill over looking the city. Which was great, I was in charge of the volume control in the house. When I went to sleep I would put the snooze button on her radio in her room to jazz, and the tunes would lightly drift into my room and I drifted off to sleep with Jeremiah ( My poodle, Godson) very close by. Now at home I would watch TV out in the living room all my favorite shows, with ( J) in his room watching his shows.....set of 2 different volumes. I would shut off my TV, go to bed with his shows in the back ground...( at times Nascar sounds would drift in....or should I say roar in. Making me getting ready for my summer move of going from the small side room into my big bedroom in the front of the house. I moved in there the same time last year. Work has been very seems like all week I was racing to get from one point to another. Actually even after work I felt the same way.....from running to go tanning to the store to get home. Would try to do some gardening before ( J ) made supper. That was a great help to me. He is slowly turning into a gourmet cook, adding spices. Which is great because I hate plain Jane food. My garden is coming alive...I have 2 lilac trees in bloom...I just love that. My white bleeding heart plant also is in full bloom. With so many other plants coming to life. I have joined a group I found on the computer....The name is called Ms. Fits. we meet once a week and go walking for 2 miles. This past Wednesday was our first meetup. There was 20 of us. I got to meet a lot of fun people and got in some great exercise. My sister was suppose to come, even made a pinky promise to me....but broke that....I expected that so I guess I wasn't to alarmed by it. I do believe she has different values in life than I do. The truth and promises aren't high on her list. As for me being honest, and promising people are pretty much a way of life. Guess that's what make people all different....Now I am running late again.....Happy Trails!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Face Book Has Done Good Again

It's Saturday and I am off of work. But it will be a busy day for me. I have to take the New York Safe Boating course today. I started studying the book but with my ADD, I only got up to page 11. I figure I will learn it as he teaches. Ok, I am the only one who has diagnosed me with ADD, also I still think I have the swine flu. I decided to stop taking that nasal inhaler the dock gave me, I have had a headache for 3 days times it is like a migraine....I just want quiet. I will just take the antibiotic, and put my self on Tylenol sinus, that will dry up my head and my ear infection. Ok, some updates in my life. Remember me telling you about my brothers son I found on facebook. He lives in Colorado. Well I was so happy I had a connection with him. Well he more word from him. I tried calling him and he hasn't responded. Hope he is ok. When I was living in Poughkeepsie, I met this girl named Carol. We became the best of friends. She was like a sister to me. All my other sisters were living some where else, and I did have my little sister there but Carol became my other sister. We had so much fun. I don't remember how we met. She went to a Catholic school and I was stuck in public school system. Even after I moved away we were still friends for a long time. Then we sorta drifted away doing our own thing. And lost track of each other. I always thought of her and wondered where she was. I couldn't remember her married name and would do searches using her maiden name but it is amazing how many Carol's there are wit her last name. Any how she found me on face book and I am so happy. I can't wait to see her and catch up on everything. This will be so cool to have her back in my life. Now I gotta run and get me some Nautical Knowledge....Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Having Fun

(picture of our spot on the family island)
I so enjoy my days off. My schedule is crazy for a bit. Since this route count, the route that I have been on for years is cut, and I am now on there every other Thursday. But I dare not get use to that.....It happened before when I was scheduled on Saturday's. I was enjoying not doing it every Saturday, then with out noticed they increased it to every Saturday. Now I think when I get used to being off every Thursday....Something will change that. With the weather being nice I have so much to do with spring cleaning, I do put that off till a rainy day and play in my garden. I have a lot of different garden area's so by the time I get one fixed and move on to the other, it becomes a continuing circle. The past few days here has been in the 90's so (J) and I have taken the small Bayliner out on the river and just drifted along. We have hiked along the tracks for miles and explored numerous stops along the way. We have found out that by our island which is close to the tracks that on the other side of those tracks are a inlet almost like a large pond, a lagoon where we counted over a dozen huge snapping turtles....amazing that they are so close to where we swim. I have had so much fun learning to ride my jet ski and so enjoy it. It makes me think of my good friend Mary enjoying her Harley. My new search now on my days off is doing digs for arrow heads. So much fun and still so little time. Today here in the North East it will feel like fall, our temperature will be 65 which is normal but after the .heat wave we had, it will feel weird. Happy Trails!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Situation Sunday # 70

Welcome...No cell phones aloud , and do bring your imagination. Leave a link if your capable and wanna play.
Situation #1
Your sibling is seeing a person that you know is totally wrong. You have that gut feeling that something bad could happen......What do you do?
Situation # 2
You have received a gift to have 3 things in your life changed. Once you decide which you want to do and voice that choice out loud...there is no way to go choose wisely.....What do you do?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Menopause a challenge, or a savings

(Leaving Miami on the cruise)
The dreaded subject no one really wants to hear, but here goes.Not sure when it actually started......I still don't believe it is. I talked with my two older sisters and told them what was going on with me. My one sister is over 50. She was crying upset about how ill heath my one brother is in, I told her he will be fine it's me you gotta worry about. I get extreme hot flashes. I haven't had any sign of my period in 7 months. My get up and go at times seams to have get up and went. I don't notice any different signs of moodiness, at times I have always been moody, but not to the point any one notices. They usually see me as positive. My sister told me your just going through the change, its Menopause. When you think about that word what do you see....let me break it down for you Men O Pause.... At times you need to pause to deal with them. Stop and think before reaction. Here is a example....You clean the house all day, the kitchen is Germ free, floors spotless....Then he comes home....dirt on the floor from his work boots, food scraps and wrappers left out, all with in 5 minuets.....You want to yell and hit him but you must Pause! If it happened 2 years ago you could hit him but now you gotta Pause, O Men! When I was down in Florida and at times I would get a hot flash my other sister who is 2 years older than me would laugh and say Welcome to the club. She told me it could be a cold winter nigh and she would strip her clothes off and when that didn't help she would jump into the pool. So it's something we all go through....It happens any where from age 35-55, but the age ranges vary and it can last years......The money we save on tampon products with be wonderful.You figure at $10 a month, by the end of one year you save $120.00 after 10 years you save $12oo.oo How cool is that. Makes me wish I started mine at age 25. When I was also in Florida I went to Palm Sunday service, at the blessing of the Palms I started to pass out...people on both sides of me caught me...and I awoke.....Which was very weird. The other day Dr.Phil did a whole show on the subject. It was a wonderful understanding of it to watch. (J) taped it for me. They even did part of it on what Men go through.... I paused on that part....I shall watch it another time. Now its off to work...Happy Trails!!!