Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is the 21 of March..My brother passed away yesterday~~the first of my Siblings. I have now 6 is a very sad time for me. I will miss him, but know he is in a much better place. He was looking foward to seeing the Lord. I hope my Bobchi, and father were there to great him.You can tell I am getting older and set in my Parents ways~~I always respected my aunts and uncles and knew my parents loved them and thought it was a sin to talk demerring to them...times have changed and one needs to adjust to that. Tomorrow is the awake...once this is over I will get back to being me~~Keep thous that I love close to me...loose those that don't value what a family is and travel on being happy and positive till God calls me home. I don't care for the drama that those need to happen with and all the he ,she said crap life is too freaking short for that. I am sooo thankfull for my friends and I am blessed with many good ones. And my siblings that I love....dreading the next 2 days but with God's brother Joey words of wisdom...I shall over come the hurdles~~~Happy Trails till then~~~

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