Friday, June 05, 2009

Down With Work

Life happens and time goes by quicker than you realize, and some times instead of going from A to Z....You kinda get to just G and go back to A to start all over again. It is a shorter circle in life. I am so ticked off with work and the PO. When the guy retired 3 years ago, the normal chain of order would have been- route gets posted and the senior RCA gets it. Thats me! But no the route had to remain open for DPS, then to use as a buffer. And the sub on record is the sub that stays there till it does get posted. They get to get sick days, annual days off, paid vacations. Me I get crap. All my senority and I get nothing. Last week I was handed a letter telling me I need to be available for the regular on the route I usually do, to cover her vacations....Or I will loose my job. ( Mind you I have never just not showed up when schedualled in 16 years.....This was like a freaking slap in the face. Yesterday I was handed another letter telling me I need to be available for the RCA when she wants off, another slap in the face. Grant it, I am best friends with the other RCA, and love her like a sister. I am happy for her for collecting all she can.....I just wish it wasn't me being suffered. She and I are the only ones we can count on for each other there. She watches my back as I watch hers. As for every one else there I hate.....OK, not the clerks they are in a different craft....and even asked me to switch crafts..... I should just switch freakin jobs but after so long, starting over on the bottom sucks....But actually I am sorta there now. I got to where I dispise the Union, and the whole NYRLCA. I think after wasting so much money collecting my dues for me these past 16 years the should do more for RCA's. If any RCA was to ask me about joining the UNION I would tell them not to. Drop out now and save your money!!

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