Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Past Week

( This is a old picture, of a favorite lady in her son's green house at spring time)
This has been a fun filled week for me. Hectic and fun. I worked all week. Spent half of it up at Jenny's on the hill over looking the city. Which was great, I was in charge of the volume control in the house. When I went to sleep I would put the snooze button on her radio in her room to jazz, and the tunes would lightly drift into my room and I drifted off to sleep with Jeremiah ( My poodle, Godson) very close by. Now at home I would watch TV out in the living room all my favorite shows, with ( J) in his room watching his shows.....set of 2 different volumes. I would shut off my TV, go to bed with his shows in the back ground...( at times Nascar sounds would drift in....or should I say roar in. Making me getting ready for my summer move of going from the small side room into my big bedroom in the front of the house. I moved in there the same time last year. Work has been very seems like all week I was racing to get from one point to another. Actually even after work I felt the same way.....from running to go tanning to the store to get home. Would try to do some gardening before ( J ) made supper. That was a great help to me. He is slowly turning into a gourmet cook, adding spices. Which is great because I hate plain Jane food. My garden is coming alive...I have 2 lilac trees in bloom...I just love that. My white bleeding heart plant also is in full bloom. With so many other plants coming to life. I have joined a group I found on the computer....The name is called Ms. Fits. we meet once a week and go walking for 2 miles. This past Wednesday was our first meetup. There was 20 of us. I got to meet a lot of fun people and got in some great exercise. My sister was suppose to come, even made a pinky promise to me....but broke that....I expected that so I guess I wasn't to alarmed by it. I do believe she has different values in life than I do. The truth and promises aren't high on her list. As for me being honest, and promising people are pretty much a way of life. Guess that's what make people all different....Now I am running late again.....Happy Trails!!

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