Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Having Fun

(picture of our spot on the family island)
I so enjoy my days off. My schedule is crazy for a bit. Since this route count, the route that I have been on for years is cut, and I am now on there every other Thursday. But I dare not get use to that.....It happened before when I was scheduled on Saturday's. I was enjoying not doing it every Saturday, then with out noticed they increased it to every Saturday. Now I think when I get used to being off every Thursday....Something will change that. With the weather being nice I have so much to do with spring cleaning, I do put that off till a rainy day and play in my garden. I have a lot of different garden area's so by the time I get one fixed and move on to the other, it becomes a continuing circle. The past few days here has been in the 90's so (J) and I have taken the small Bayliner out on the river and just drifted along. We have hiked along the tracks for miles and explored numerous stops along the way. We have found out that by our island which is close to the tracks that on the other side of those tracks are a inlet almost like a large pond, a lagoon where we counted over a dozen huge snapping turtles....amazing that they are so close to where we swim. I have had so much fun learning to ride my jet ski and so enjoy it. It makes me think of my good friend Mary enjoying her Harley. My new search now on my days off is doing digs for arrow heads. So much fun and still so little time. Today here in the North East it will feel like fall, our temperature will be 65 which is normal but after the .heat wave we had, it will feel weird. Happy Trails!

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bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
It's been a long time.
Hope you are doing fine too, my life is going just fine and our family are just fine too.

If you want to see the princess, i copied a link to one of the last pictures.

"This link will just work a few days"

I have a quiet period on the posting part, i just post some pictures. I have to much things going on..

See you later