Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Updates And Chocalate Warning

HERSHEY chocolate can cause small feet! It is proven...these..uh things ate a lot of chocolate and their feet stayed small. Now really how gross is this shot. I can almost say that one dark hair girl on the end must have bad hygiene....Her hand can't even reach her own navel....need I say more. But truly why would they even pose for a shot like this. This is defiantly going on my fridge, it will defiantly make me think before I grab that butter. This past week for the most part has been wonderful. I got together with a long lost friend of mine. We had such a great day! I haven't seen her in 20 years....It felt like seeing my sister.We both pulled in at the same time. I was going to bring pictures but I kinda knew she would, so I didn't this time. And sure enough she did. She looked great! I think she weighed the same if not less than when we were in high school. She has been believing in the "Secret" and I have too. We had lunch at the Everydinner in Hyde Park. The waitress was nice and gave us our space as we chatted and reminisced. We both decided on the same lunch....A Hudson Salad with chicken,apples,pecans, blue cheese and a tomato dressing. After lunch we strolled around the Vanderbilt mansion, checking out the gardens and taking pictures. Saw a small pot plant growing in the rose garden...good From their we went over to FDR home. How interesting that was. We joined a bus tour group and I learned a lot about a great president. That was so much fun....Can't wait to get together again. Yesterday was my Ms. Fit group. That was our second meet up. I am so glad I joined that group. A Cyber friend of mine told me about it. http// you can find a local group near you with people that share the same interests...check it out it is so cool. Today I find out I might have to work,,,( I am not going to) route 3 on Monday....The carrier is out sick...his sub has a medical appointment and I am next in line. Well it is ( J's) 50th birthday and we are leaving on Saturday after I get done with work. I have to make myself available to be on Route 1 and route 2....I have rescheduled numerous medical appointments to make sure there is coverage but no way in hell am I responsible for a 3rd route. I didn't plan on being responsible for 2 routes after 15 years....I need to talk to someone else in the Union because this is crap with a capital S......Tomorrow I hope we hit close to 80 I wanna take my Jet ski out!!! Happy Trails!!


Anonymous said...

The littlest one with the dyed red hair, on the right was my EX! She isn't merely large...she has snake eyes that can scare you clear into tomorrow! I use to call her 'Pig Snake Woman'.
Don't worry though, after my many stays at mental institutions that she drove me to, plus one failed suicide attempt, she can't hurt my mind anymore because I don't even live in her area. Ha ha.

pixie hollow said...