Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yikes, it's me

Dam, it has been a long time since I blogged. Kinda missed that therapeutic activity in my life. Once I realized ( J ) had been visiting my blog and trying to over analyze every single word I said or trying to find his own meaning, it kinda deterred me my pleasure. But in reality I have been busy and for the most part lazy. I stopped doing SS due to the fact that those that played didn't share their answers and unless you had a tracker on it you never did see what they answered. And most of them forgot the main rule, No Cell phone when a bear was chasing them....most seemed to dial 911 and had help there before the bear devoured them- took the fun out of it for me, I tell ya! Ok- it is like summer here is over...and it went to fast for me. Surely must be a sign of aging. I camped a few times and still have a few more trips planned this month and next. I got a Jet ski and played on the river a lot. Learned how to trailer it, dock it, fuel it and all the works. I even live on the edge and ski standing up. I truly love it. Have been on face book and twitter-doing my tweets twits and one liners. Work still sucks for me...I work to pay for my health insurance and my life style has been sooo cramped lately....I had to let all the help go---No more maid,gardener-cook...or personal sex pleasure guy...I have to do everything my self....and I am not that good at it all. Feel free to send donations...or PSPG....Till then Happy Trails!!!

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