Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update On Me

Boy, my post's have been getting far apart, and I can truly blame it on Facebook, and now I have found FarmTown on there. It is a virtual game where you have you guessed it a farm. When I reached level #5, I became a Farmer. Now I am at level #6 so as you can see I am moving very slow in that game. As for my own little farm (garden) that is doing great but that too takes a lot of my time. Yesterday I bought 3 bags of a new mulch. It looks like red cedar mulch but made with reclyed tires. Not sure how good that is going to be. Usually I do research on things before I use them, This time I did not. And again this year I have seen a woodchuck eyeing my flowers to eat. I had the dog chase him out of the yard. I find it sorta funny to see him there. I live in the city, my yard is fenced in, he so needs to move out to the country. I celebrated my birthday the other day, not sure yet how I feel about that I have mixed emotions there. The day before my birthday we had our first BQ at one of our Boat Club's. Had a great crowd close to 300 people. A lot of my siblings were there and one of my BFF's Linda and her family. Also I took my MomMa out of the home and she enjoyed it so much. My BFF surprised me with a Caravel Ice cream cake. My sister Milly surprised me with a cake she made from scratch with raspberry filling. ( J) surprised me with a beautiful cake with my favorite color green on it. So that was all nice. At work my boss did what she usually does ignored it. She is such a bitch. Last week I gave her a notice to be out for 2 weeks I do this every year.....Scheduled a medical procedure that I need and get 2 weeks to rest and go camping to recover.....Well she denied it. She truly believes RCA's are not entitled to any time off.....Grant it I have been there 16 freakin years working a few days every week, and If life was fair for me I should have had this route 3 years ago and getting paid to take time off. Being in this Union really sucks for RCA's. You always hear the harp get involved do more.....well I have attended all county meetings except the last one and it is all the same. The union uses RCA's dues as a buffer for the regulars benefits. I get on a roll about that UGH! The group that I joined "Ms. Fits" were we get together and go for a walk once a week, well last week we walked the RipVan Winkle Bridge. For any one WHO knows me....Knows I hate bridges and is afraid of heights. Well the bridge is a mile long, and at half of it you can look down and on both sides of you see the water. I have tried to walk it numerous times before and could never get the courage up.....But I did it! I walked across and back. Well I have much more to update about but now it's time to get ready and go to work.....Ugh I dread seeing that PM....she totally is on a EGO trip....Being a Black Postmaster and having all us little white slaves to work with. I can truly say that! Luckily this past few months I haven't heard her comment on my BFF about her family being a Apple Pie Family. Perhaps I should look into filing discriminating charges against her....humm. Happy Trails!!!

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