Thursday, April 23, 2009

Menopause a challenge, or a savings

(Leaving Miami on the cruise)
The dreaded subject no one really wants to hear, but here goes.Not sure when it actually started......I still don't believe it is. I talked with my two older sisters and told them what was going on with me. My one sister is over 50. She was crying upset about how ill heath my one brother is in, I told her he will be fine it's me you gotta worry about. I get extreme hot flashes. I haven't had any sign of my period in 7 months. My get up and go at times seams to have get up and went. I don't notice any different signs of moodiness, at times I have always been moody, but not to the point any one notices. They usually see me as positive. My sister told me your just going through the change, its Menopause. When you think about that word what do you see....let me break it down for you Men O Pause.... At times you need to pause to deal with them. Stop and think before reaction. Here is a example....You clean the house all day, the kitchen is Germ free, floors spotless....Then he comes home....dirt on the floor from his work boots, food scraps and wrappers left out, all with in 5 minuets.....You want to yell and hit him but you must Pause! If it happened 2 years ago you could hit him but now you gotta Pause, O Men! When I was down in Florida and at times I would get a hot flash my other sister who is 2 years older than me would laugh and say Welcome to the club. She told me it could be a cold winter nigh and she would strip her clothes off and when that didn't help she would jump into the pool. So it's something we all go through....It happens any where from age 35-55, but the age ranges vary and it can last years......The money we save on tampon products with be wonderful.You figure at $10 a month, by the end of one year you save $120.00 after 10 years you save $12oo.oo How cool is that. Makes me wish I started mine at age 25. When I was also in Florida I went to Palm Sunday service, at the blessing of the Palms I started to pass out...people on both sides of me caught me...and I awoke.....Which was very weird. The other day Dr.Phil did a whole show on the subject. It was a wonderful understanding of it to watch. (J) taped it for me. They even did part of it on what Men go through.... I paused on that part....I shall watch it another time. Now its off to work...Happy Trails!!!

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