Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip To Scusset Beach

We left Saturday right after work, as gas prices started to rise. We waited till we left NY state to get gas, it is always cheaper on the Mass Pike. (J) has been on a no carb diet for the past 3 months and has lost 30lbs. Of course he has stayed away from his favorite foods, and now will take advantage for 4 days and eat some of his favorites. For me it means going away from my norm of my favorite foods and eating a bit different for the next few days. Our first stop on the Mass pike brought us great treat from Papa Gino's/Dangelo's, it totally beat McDonald's. They make the best pizza and subs. I totally hate going to Subway....To many decisions for me have to name your meat, veggies, bread, dressing. I like just saying a Italian sub and they make all the decisions. The rest of the food of the trip consisted of the best fried oysters and lobster bisque for me and fried clam strips and clam chowder for him from Seafood Sams. It was excellent. And making your own salads from the grocery store. We camped right at Scusset Beach. It is a state campground.Here are some postcards...

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