Sunday, May 24, 2009

Situation Sunday # 72

Welcome! On a recent camping trip we rented movies from the RedBox. One movie really was crappy but it lead me to think this makes for a great Situation....So on with the show.

Situation # 1
It is Christmas Eve and you still have shopping to do. You get to the mall and drive all over looking for a spot.....None in sight. finally you spot a site and by the time you get to notice that car has taking up 2 spots. Your boiling point has finally been broken and you leave a note on their windshield....telling them what a Jerk they are. After you have shopped it is late and a lot of cars have left. And you are far away in the parking you go to your car you pass the jerks car and notice the note is gone. You get in your car and the jerks car blocks you from leaving. They get out of the car and it is a gang of 5 hoodlums, telling you that you has dissed them now you are going to pay! The security officer comes over and they shoot him. You ram your car into theirs to give you a way to leave in a hurry......they follow. You reach for your cell phone and it is dead. The streets are deserted.....What do you do?
Situation # 2
You are going to meet your future in-laws and family. You totally do not like them. They are rude, ignorant and selfish people. Every week they get together for Sunday dinner.....How are you going to handle this?

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