Sunday, May 10, 2009

Situation Sunday # 71

Welcome to # 71 of Situation Sunday, by now you know the rules, if not scroll back a few and see. Now on with the Situations.....

Situation # 1

You are driving down a lone country road. Very few cars are on the road if any. You have no cell service. And to make matters worse you are 30 miles from the nearest town. It is a beautiful warm sunny you go along a bee flies into your window......little know to you but it is a Queen bee and her workers are slowly surrounding your car......thousand's of her bees are on your car tyring to get close to her.........What do you do?
Situation # 2
The capital of your city is celebrating their tulip bloom. It is a big celebration. The media is there along with millions of town folk and tourist. They have some of the rarest tulips....spectacular in color....You are there with your child or one hat is in your care.....They want cotton candy and you tell them not now and they throw a tantrum and start running through the tulips and destroying them as they run a muck....what do you do?

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