Sunday, January 18, 2009

Situation Sunday # 67

Sorry, so late in posting.....The BF thought it would be good to let me sleep....I was having awesome dreams and forced my self to get up at 2pm! UGH most of the day is gone....I slept 13 hours....On with the Situations!!!

Situation # 1
You and your family leave the great North East in the winter for a few months. You have this employee that you count on to check things out, and turn the heat up if it gets frigid cold and let the water run if get a call from a neighbor that also checks things out.....the heat went off and all the pipes do you handle your employee now?

Situation # 2
You have won a trip to NYC! All expenses paid for you and 3 other people. You arrive there and a car meets you to take you to your hotel, as you all get to the hotel you notice it is in a run down part of the city.....And the hotel has a lot of derelicts hanging around. Your driver speaks no English or Spanish....and communication with him is not a option. Between all 4 of you you have $500....What do you do?


Teri Kathleen said...

i filled this one out to be posted the 25th of jan. was really interesting!

best online casinos said...

yeah! interesting indeed..:)