Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update On Me

Years ago, and I mean many.... one of my little brothers got married out in Texas. He was young at the time and they had a beautiful son....( actually all my nieces and nephews are adorable...for the record). Well things didn't work out for him there and he loved his son very much and took him from his mother and headed home....back to NY. But there was a problem there....the mother loved him too and didn't want him to to make a long story short she came and got him and moved back we thought to Texas but she went to Colorado instead. And we never heard from them since that.....that was like 20...maybe 22 years ago. I joined face book along with numerous relatives. One of them I thought signed on as my brother. But in the back of my head from reading what they wrote I knew it was not my brother.....My one sister called me and said what's up with that.....I told her I didn't believe it was our brother writing that and I think it is his son....They have the same name....And I was right!! As if there was ever a doubt. So after all these years I have my nephew back. I have missed so many years of their life. I am so glad that they made the extra push to know. I guess what I am trying to say is if you never know half your family and you are to afraid to try don't be, you will always wonder and who knows you just might find what you are searching for. I am so happy that I now get a chance to know him. Shall keep you posted on that. Today I had a Count School session for our union on the mail thingy that I do. I read some where that it was only suppose to last 4 went close to 6. Ugh...totally boring.....So what's happening in your worlds....Untill next time.....Happy Trails

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