Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

WhooHoo it's here!! The New Year and all that it promises ,at least in my head. lol! I am hoping a freaking lot! All the weight that I gained and gray hair shall just vanish. The body I had when I was 20 shall mercilessly appear, yippie. I'll get laid this year for sure! OMG I sound like a commercial for Jenny. Today was a great start to the year .....I went riding on these country roads and took some shots I love, I really enjoyed that. I got home about 1pm and really had to scramble to do all that I wanted....and still I ran out of time....and now I am going to Chill out.....I am beat...think I got a bug and work hour comes might to soon. So what could have been a lenthy yadda...Is just a wish for you....that you all have had a great approach
wonder full Near Year! " It is what is is" {The saying for this year} Happy Trails!!! Helena
Can you imagine the homesteaders when they chose this place...I hope they moved on to better things and this was the work of kids,,,,building a play house...O what fun for them!!!


Ryan Velting said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy, albeit late, New Year!!

Been too long.. =)

Hope everything is great for you.

Anonymous said...

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