Sunday, October 05, 2008

Situation Sunday # 63

Situation Sunday will be posted once or twice a month, depending on the turn out. Please leave your link if you are playing.

Situation # 1

1] You are dating this person, and things are moving along. As you are about to spend your first night together, they remove their shirt and there is a hideous scar and added body part, a extra ear and chin coming out their side. Clearly it has taking away any passion you have felt......What do you do?

Situation # 2

You are on vacation, in a warm tropical location. You decide to try the Jet Ski and go out on the ocean a bit. As you are enjoying your self you decided to just stop and take in the scenery, all of the sudden a huge whale comes and swallows you and the Jet ski whole....You are in the whales belly what do you do?

No Cell Phones To Help You!!!

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