Friday, October 03, 2008

Like Waldo, I am Here Somewhere

I tried to slow down a bit and blog, I miss that part of my life. But it seems all my time is occupied with either work, or my garden and my projects. Plus I am teaching my two nephews to drive. One is 16 and he is determined to get his licence before winter, most of his friends are all trying to. One friend rushed into going on the road test and failed it big time. So now Johnathan realizes there is a lot to learn. We have so much fun learning to drive and laugh so hard at times. It is different than learning to drive with his parents, they seem to yell. At times he has a led foot, humm wonder where he learned that. Any how he has the road driving and almost the city driving, we are now practicing parel parking, he hates it. But with time he will get it great I am sure. RJ does good on the road he just needs to adjust his speed with the brake with out causing his aunt to suffer whip lash and the passengers in the back to remain in the back. Last week we all headed to Saugerties for the garlic festival. Midgie and my other nephews and niece came, plus a BBF of mine, Karen. We had a blast. I even bought way to much "things" that I really don't need. I have Polish garlic, German garlic and I really can't tell the freaking difference on ether one. This coming up week end is a Apple festival that I would love to go to, but with only one day off and wanting to do that, plus go hiking I am torn into what I want to do. { J } would like to do something, I think but he refuses to go if I am taking the boys, Well Johnathan has to work so I hope to hang out with RJ and spoil him. I told {J} that is his dissuasion, I think I have more fun with hanging with my family and friends any how, So we shall see. I am also going to post Situation Sunday this I promise. I will do it definitely once a month till more people want to play then it will more on to every other week as planned. Well its a coal mining day so gotta run, won't get done from my day till 9pm. I change hats at 5pm. Happy Trails!!!

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