Monday, October 06, 2008


Here are a few shots from my garden over the weekend. This first shot is of my autum children, and a little creativity. It is in my side yard and I just love them, need I say more....Ok I will- They are great kids. When I purchased them J told me how stupid and a waste of money that was, ignoring his neaderthal behavior I went and had fun doing it any how. I also collected a lot of Dahlia bulbs this year, and had a beautiful coloction of flowers. The frost has not hit them yet so I am still enjoying there beauty. I have gave away a few bunches of them to friends and family. Soon as the frost hits I will dig up the roots and put them in a box with some peat moss and hide them in the cellar. Then I hope to remember them next spring. Today I also started making crock pickles and can't wait till they are done in about 3 weeks. I am planning a trip.....I am going to go by train to Virginia soon. My nephew retires from the Navy after 20 years. He has served in Desert Storm, and Iraq. So this is pretty special. I believe he is a Commander. It will be great fun hanging out with the family for a few days. I plan to go business class, so who knows might meet so one special.....Speaking of special, or touched might be a better word for it. I ran into the local drugstore today to drop off some scripts. There was this lady there that I worked with before like 15 years ago, even back then I thought her elevator didn't get to the second floor, any how she was in a pair of fuzzy freaking PJ's.....When I asked her why ,,,she said because she can- OK, I thought. Then she went on to tell me she's at the Coxiackie Prison. I asked as a Inmate. I found it funny and it seemed to suit her look. She used to be she looks like a Junkie.....No teeth...face sunken in. Made me wonder why they didn't seem to screen their applicants working in a prison. She did seem to even grow a set of balls by her reply to me. Don't actually remember what she said or how she said it, it was something on the line of what drugs are you on. I never hold back in saying what I think....some of my friends remind me at times not to use that inside voice but it just comes out. I started this yesterday but had to end quick with Midgie come over to go with me to get my ticket at the train station. So now as I finish this I look on my ticket and realize the hotty of the ticket teller gave me this month instead of next so I had to run down and correct it......Hair all in place,,,,street clothes I went only to not see him there but I did correct my ticket......Happy Trails!!!

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bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
You are a buzzy girl.

Nice photos and autumn children.
Take good care of them and you can enjoy them for many years.

Hope you have a nice trip to Virginia and that your nephew is doing fine when he retired.

At the end:
Thank you for the comment on my post. The snow came but luckily it left again..
See you later