Saturday, October 18, 2008

Situation Sunday # 64

Welcome! No cell phones or land lines to help in this mind game.You are alone, to answer these questions. Leave your link, and check out each others answers! Feel free to answer just 1 or all the Situation! Have Fun!
Situation # 1
You won a contest in where the prize is to correct or change a body part, what and why do you choose that part?

Situation # 2
Your spouse has been having sexual activity outside; with other partners. And they have passed onto you HIV.....what do you do?

Situation # 3
The war is continuing in Iraq. The government has issued a draft for all boys and girls 15 years and up to 40. All are mandated to report, with penalties for not showing up....prison and death. What do you do?


amber said...

posted my responses :o)
Great questions!

drgngirl said...

Wow, these are great questions...thanks!!

Helena said...

Thanks for playing! Amber I tried to leave a comment with so little time on my hands I was unable to sign on to the site to leave a comment.