Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall has set in big time here. The colors have been magnificent. This past weekend we took the big boat for a ride before it came out of the water. We went to a Ginseng festival at the point. It was rather small, not like the Garlic festival, nor was it as much fun. After 5 minutes {J} had enough and went to sit on the boat, so I was alone looking at every thing...that part I enjoyed. I bought some Ginseng root in hopes of growing a huge crop next year. Ginseng sells for $500 a pound, amazing. Also at the point they had this old fire boat there that they were giving rides, not sure if it was free or how much, the only thing I did notice was it must have had a huge leak in it.

It was pumping out gallons of water on both sides, it had 2 pump out holes on each side and they were all busy, I felt so much safer in our boat. { J} pulled it out of the water yesterday. As always that is a sad time of the year, but it seems this year I did not feel the same. I never got to sleep on it. And I must have spent a few hundred to fuel it, that is one cost we split. Yesterday we were going to spend the afternoon up in the mountains, but at the last minute I changed the plans. A lady I was helping earlier in the year called and I could tell she needed a cheer up visit. She always wanted me to stay there and take care of her but with my schedule I could only give her one day a week, she had another lady helping her. Well she fired the other lady and so hated calling me and telling me she found a livin' and didn't need me. I completely understood and was happy for her. She is like my "Jewish" grandmother, {Not knowing my father's mother, I finally had one}. Well I went out there and met her new livin' and didn't like her, it was not jealous.....I could tell that she was not what Loretta needed. Well that lasted a month and a half. So I went and visited her, she was so happy to see me. I took her for a nice scenic drive. Then we stopped for a photo shoot. I took her picture with the scenery behind her. I thought it came out nice, all she noticed was how big her boobs were. She is very funny I told her I will crop it out and make her look flat chested, " don't worry about it". Midgie will go out there Friday and help her out, I will visit her again on Sunday. Today is a mail day, so busy....then it is practicing driving with Johnathan and parell parking in the city. He is anxious to take his road test....he wants to schedule it. I told him we need to go out 4 more times and if on the 4th time out he does great on parell then that would be the time to schedule it. Right now it would be 50/50 if he took the test, and I know he wants to do good. So I am avoiding and disappointments he might have if he took it now. I passed my test the first time I took it.....but I really believe he passed me because I was so darn cute. I ran up on the curb when I parked. And even thou Johnathan is cute, it might not work the same for him. Well off to the coal mines I go.....Happy Trails!!!

{ Last shot, taken at Olana, Fredrick Church's home}

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