Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend update

Time has moved forth from the last time I blogged....seemed like it was just yesterday but in reality it has been a week if not more. I am busy as usually with only one day off which really sucks. This week is my last week of doing double duty. Here it is only Monday the start of the week and I am dreading it. Not that the week holds doom and gloom, I love my jobs but when I have to do them back to back with just a hour in between I tend to get crabby. This Sunday I planned to stay close to home and get caught up on MEEE time. I got off work at 9:30am, ran home for a brief minute, then off to the home to see my MommA', On the way I stopped at farm stand picked up corn for corn fritters, and some tomatoes for this tomatoe slice bake I wanted to make. There was a sign there that said Brussels sprouts....but no sprouts.....they said they were out picking and due to a accident they couldn't get throu yet...come back. Visited my MommA' for 45 minutes. Back to the farm stand I go. No sprouts yet....come back. UGH. Off to my home to shower....then bank....then to farm stand again.....they had them Yippie, also grabbed green beans Yummie! Went and picked up my nephew, met up with Midgie and Mikie....We headed to great barrington to shop and lunch for just a little while...Ok I thought I will be home by was 7pm by the time I got tired to cook....{J} grilled the steaks and zapped the day is Meee time....Laundry is pilling up, the dust bunnies have multiplied, and I am getting longing for this week to be over and Sunday here again.....But in the mean time I shall venture forth and remain on this Happy Trail!!!

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bskaad said...

Hi Helena.

Nice to read your writing and to see the picture you posted.

We went into wintertime yesterday, that means that we turn the time back one our.
The effect of that is, a little more light in the morning and sooner dark in the evening.

See you.