Sunday, September 14, 2008

Situation Sunday # 62

Welcome back all to Situation Sunday! Feel free to answer any day of the week. Leave a link so that others might see your opinion of the answer.

Situation #1- You are in charge of Search-Rescue and Recovery of a small coastal town. At low tide, woman clearly distraught was walking along the rock jetty, with her infant child in her arms. She drops her child accidentally between the rocks. It is a 4-5 foot drop.....water goes between at high tide. Each boulder weighs close to a ton. What and how do you plan the rescue....What do you do?
Situation # 2
Your Mother is in a Nursing home. That truly is the best in the county where you live. You visit her a few times a week. Take home her laundry and wash her clothes; You take her out to functions at your club, 3-4 times a summer. You have 7 siblings that 6 of them live in the same county. One other sibling visits her once a week, and tries to take her out then. The other sibling hates the home and wants to move her to a home nearer her, that also her father in law is in. You totally despise that home. Having done private duty in it for a year, you have stated if she goes there you will not visit. You know the other sibling's mind is made up.....What do you do?
Situation # 3
You have waited 15 years to go regular at this are next in line for the promotion. Due to one union rule after another it seems like it is taking forever. So as you wait, you are just the sub. The boss in charge thinks the regulars are the next best thing to sliced bread and they can do no wrong. Every time you plan a trip or medical appointment.....the person who you cover for decides they need that day. What do you do?

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