Friday, September 26, 2008

Yadda Update

Today is a yucky day here in the North East. I awoke to rain, now I love the sound of rain and at times welcome a rainy day to stay at home and get caught up on house chores, watch some some of my music. But today I have to deliver the mail ugh. All it means to me is a wet day, hair all a mess, and it always sets me daydreaming. Lately I have been really getting anode at the fact I work so much and ( J ) doesn't. Grant it all the work I do is because I want to be able to enjoy life not just "get by". He pays all the bills and saves every penny. When we go out to dinner I foot the bill, and he does not even enjoy being there. I really need to figure all this out. There is so much I like to do with a partner that he does not. Do I need to move on and grow or just stay and "get by" with the hum drum of things....So much to think about. These pictures on the page are from our last camping trip on Cape Cod. I have to remind my self of the things we do that are fun. But then I think....I love photography....Did he take any interest in my pictures...did he see these shots...No. And that bugs me. I look at my picture taking as a form of art....Some day I would love to have one whole room with some of my pictures enlarged in it. Time to get ready for work. Wishing I was on this sail boat, enjoying all that is around me. Sunday I will post Situation Sunday, I post it every other Sunday, from the tracker I can tell numerous people check it out, but none play or leave there link, spread the word!! And play along. How does that saying go ,,,,If you don't use it you will loose it. Happy Trails!!!

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bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
Love your pictures and your writing, i have no solution for your problem. All i can say is, that sometimes life sucks..

When it comes to play & answering your Situation Sunday, I'll be the first one to say I'm a reader and not so good to play..
I think it's because that English is my second language and sometime it's hard to write (my head almost explode)

I love following you blog and the posting you do, and of curs give some comments now and then but I'm guilty when it comes to Situation Sunday. Sorry...