Friday, September 12, 2008

The Camping Trip

We are home from our trip. I really didn't want to come home yet. We started out on Sunday, the 7Th day of this month. Headed straight to Mohegan Sun for some gaming and dinner. It was not my lucky time, I lost. We did have a great dinner at the Buffet and even ran into a friend and member from our one boat club. All the years going there we never run into any one we know so that was a surprise. On Monday we headed to Rhode Island, we walked along the Cliff walk. It was breath taking! The weather was perfect and every where you looked you wanted to capture that picture. From there we headed down to Scusset State Park. There we set up the camper nestled in between the trees and the shrubs. We

were right next to the ocean on one side and the canal on the other side. It was very neat watching the boats go up and down the canal. By taking the canal the ships saved 162 miles. Instead of going all the way to the tip of Cape Cod, the took the 7 mile canal trip and saved hours of travel. I found it to be very interesting. Along the canal there is a service road that goes the whole length, that is mostly used for biking, jogging and walking. We rode our bikes about 1/4 of the way. Next time I go I will spend the whole day riding from beginning to end. Now that I am home my run on the rat wheel begings. I have to be to work by 5pm....and I need to go visit a few friends first. This Sunday I shall go back to Situation Sunday....for now I will end with a shot I love, Happy Trails!!!


bskaad said...

Welcome back.
Looks like you had a nice trip, and a great view over the ocean

Helena said...

Thanks bskaad, I do think I am ready for another Holiday, LOL

Ami said...

You have selected wonderful place for family camping trip.