Sunday, May 11, 2008

Situation Sunday # 56

Welcome, Relax and let your imagination take over and play Situation Sunday. Please leave your link in the comments, and remember no cell phones are in use to help you solve the situations. Enjoy!!
Situation # 1
You boss has invited you and another co-worker out to supper. You both are up for the same promotion, and only one will get it. The boss is taking you both to his favorite restaurant, that happens to be owned by another member of his family. You order a steak well done. The entree comes and is set before you....You notice it is way under cooked, as you start on the vegetables you notice a few strands of hair in the mashed potatoes........What do you do, or say when your waiter comes and asks you how everything is?
Situation # 2
You have volunteered to answer phones at a help center for the weekend. Your first phone call comes from a 12 year old girl, that in between the tears you make out that she has caught her mother in bed with the neighbor and what should she do, she loves her Daddy and can't understand grownup doings. What do you tell her?
Situation # 3
It is Mothers Day! Your Mom lives in the same town that you do. She has always been very critical of you, your whole life. Nothing you have ever done is right in her eyes. Now how do you Honor Thy Mother, and make Mothers Day Special ?


Simply Shannon said...

I am posted!

Happy Mother's Day!

Helena said...

Ok...the stats show that people came , read and played...but yet one few admitt it....get your balls in line peple and leave your link...or this shall disapear!!

Helena said...
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