Sunday, February 17, 2008

Situation Sunday

Situation Sunday #46
{Sorry So Late.....But Here It Is!}
Situation #1
You are driving in the city, the car in front of you runs a red light and crashes with a oncoming car. The car that ran the red light belongs to the Mafia, and states it was not thier fault. The police officer asks you if you say what happened, What do you do?

Situation #2
You are at home and your cell phone rings....accidently, the person you have on the other line didn't realize as they put it in there purse the hit the button that contacts you, As you try to say Hello, it goes unheard and you can hear their conversation. The person is talking to your boss which is also theirs, They are spreading lies to make you look bad and them look good.....What do you do?

A planet loaded with extremely toxic gas is on its way to crashing into the earth. Scientist, and all the world leaders forsee the end of the earth in 4 months,, The end is near and now it is time to plan.......What do you do?

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Karlana said...

My first week participating!