Saturday, February 16, 2008


Saturday has finally arrived, but I look foward to Sunday! I have been staying at Jenny's, house sitting and watching my Godpet.
I have been given the title, He is a cute little poodle. Very effectionit little pooch. Friday night I went and took him for his evening walk, fell right on the street on black ice. I must have good bones....I landed right on my right it is still sore, and black n blue. Jenny is off on a visit with her boyfriend,lucky duck. He lives in New Mexico where I am sure there is no black ice. Today I have to do a different route. The sub that usuallydoes it, his father in law died. What bugs me is the regular, Garry can never work on a Saturday. Actuallyit pisses me off. The other Regular Elaine always fills in and is a team player. When and if I become a regular I will be a team player, but Garry always has something else that is more importaint to do.I wonder if this is part of his charactor never to give a inch. I use to date him and never saw this in him. We have a lot of history together and there is a lot of deep feeling between us. It took him and I a long time before we could ever talk after I broke it off, I hurt him a lot. And {J} to. And a lot of the times I wounder if I made the right choice. Who knows. I am going to dread delivering on his route....his arms are longer and I am sure he parks 2 feet from the box.....and now it is all ice.....Ugh. Think positive and pray the day goes quick!! Happy Trails for now.

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