Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday's Feast

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Appetizer - The world is coming to an end. There's no way out. You only have time to say one thing to one person you know. What would you say, and to whom?
My sister asked me that once, That is a very hard questions with so many people in my life....I would still be dwelling who to say goodbye to when the end came.
Soup - Name something you're absolutely crazy about.

Camping and boating

Salad - What's that nickname you don't want anybody to know about? C'mon!
My nicknames are all safe....Hel or polo
Main Course - Which country would you like to visit, and why?

Norway....History and scenery Africa.....Sites and wild animals

Dessert - Your favourite pet peeve?

Leaving the toilet seat up, or lid up and worse yet if you don't flush....Ugh

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