Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Thirteen Thursday List

Thirteen Things To Do For
Valentines Day

(The first part of the list is for the Women, The last 6 is for the Men)

1} Forget the box of candy, go for sexy underclothes,in her favorite colors.

2} If your married with kids, hire a overnight baby sitter, or ask a trusted family

member to stay, and take her away for the night.

3} Also you might clean the house for her, and cook her favorite meal.

4} Rent a teary love story,and watch together.

5} If she is working surprize her with a flower arangement.

6} Draw her a bath with scented salts, and scatter rose pettles in it. As she is soaking

bring her a glass of wine and offer to scrub her back.

7} Present her with a surpize cruise that you leave on in 2 hours. All arangements

have been made to have the time worry free.

The Men's List

8} Do a lap dance for him when he least expects it.

9} If he is in the shower, join him and offer to help.

10} Cook his favorite meal.

11} Help him find the remote control, and give him extra batteries.

12} Invite a bunch of his buddies over to watch a game with him. { Your reward shall

come later}

13} Undo the phone so no one calls....send the inlaws away if they come over, and

give him a full body massage.

Happy Valentines Day,...May there be love in your heart, and your

day perfect!!

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jenn said...

Great ideas!

Your link from the TT page isn't might want to look into that!

Happy valentine's day!

Laura said...

Happy t13. But you should really proofread your link before you hit send. You've got everyone going to