Saturday, January 05, 2008

Situation Sunday # 40


# 1} A very close friend of yours who you seem to have known like forever......You both are working on the same job. The job comes to a end and you ask them to pick up your pay check, and your severance check. They do, but due to a habit that they have , they take the check and spend it. It is not much $500 total. What do you do?

#2} A relative of yours, has asked you if they can move in with you. You love that person but you realize what a major change that could be. Your husband/Sig. other is totally against it......What do you do?

#3} Your spouse has just won the lottery. Before you got married you signed a pre-Nup. Now that they have won 50 million they decide they don't want to share the life with you any more......What do you do?

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