Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Yadda

This is a cool shot of Bobby, feeding his pet deer. Saturday I shall be out there and I am sure they won't come that close to me. But I shall get in some great photo's. I have been taking lots of shots with my good camerea. Today I tried to down load them, and Damita I can't figure out how. Ugh! These last 2 days have been free and they flew by. Yesterday Karen, Midgie and Mikie went out to a late lunch to celebrate Karen's birthday. And I have been catching up on house cleaning, it's amazing how much really needs to get done when you have the time. Today I shopped and also picked up 2 bunches of flowers, one for the living room and yellow ones for the kitchen, when I got home { J } surprised me with roses. I just love putting flowers around the house in the winter. The weather here thou is feeling more like spring. These past 2 days have been 50* degrees. On the morrow it shall hit 60 *degrees. I am so lucky to have these nice days off....I still haven't made it to the gym thou. On the morrow that shall be my goal. Now I can't decide to do it before or after brunch with Midgie. Happy Trails!!!


jenn said...

That's cool that the deer comes right up to him!

Helena said...

That was only one...he has shall I say many pets, they run like dogs out of the woods to see him.