Sunday, November 11, 2007

Situation Sunday # 32

A friend of yours from college, { or High School} that you were very close to but some how you lost track of them. But they have never lost track of you. They have died in Tuscany, Italy in their villa. They have left the old Villa to you, and all of their assets. The place is huge with many tunnels, and out side garden and passages. You have to go to Tuscany to stay for 3 months before it can be yours. The villa is haunted with numerous ghosts that have lived there over the hundreds of years since it has been built. Your friends death was ruled, homicide and never solved. What do you do?

Situation #2

Your child who is 14 years old, has left you a note. They have fallen in love with their teacher. And the feeling are mutual. They have run away together to another country, no traces of them can be found..........What do you do?

Situation #3

A person you have been seeing on and off for years. You feel that they are a very close. And spent numerous times in the bed with. But you have not taken them serious. They on the other hand have fallen in love with you. They present you with a do not want to be tied down. But they give you the ultimative choose or loose......what do you do?


bskaad said...

I will try to answer your situation Sunday.

# I would try the 3 months
# I would rent a hit-man
# Try to break it to them nicely, and hope for the best

jenn said...

Mine is up!!!

Jennifer said...

You know...mine is up. Great situations as usual. Have a great week...