Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Friday

Boy have I been busy. Yesterday was one of my days were a lot went wrong, but you could never tell by my additude. Cymbalta helps my joint pain and my attitude. Work was as usually very heavy on route #1. All the other routes beet me back and went home by the time I got back. My boss and all the clerks left boss said say goodbye to the mice before I go. I usually try to leave some crumbs around for it. Actually I think the last mouse drowned when he went swimming with out a life gaurd on duty, he drowned in the toilet. I dropped my cell phone,,,it broke in 2. Which was surprizing it lasted that long,,,I think that was the 50th time I dropped it. I forgot to take the keys to the Sisters mail, and had to wait for the nun with the walker to go down stairs to get the master key. I have numerous paper cuts on my right hand that hurt. I had a pen leak in my good leather bag from Italy. I didn't know it as I was searching in my bag in the dark with my paper cut hand, till I went in Wallmart to get a new phone. I looked like a smurf. With ink all in my cuts. Scrubbed the best I could there. When I got home I had to scrubb with a brillo pad,,,OUCH. The only good thing I found out yesterday my friend BAASK in Norway, is going to be a father again. He has 2 children 20 and 15 years old. So this will be fun for him. I sure hope he posts baby shot! This picture is of a fortress over in Norway. Go to his site and wish him congradulations! You also can check out some great shots he posts of his country. I have to run today I am a hour late to work,,,,Yikes!! Happy Trails! { Later shall post jokes, just for Jenn}

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jenn said...

I can't imagine having another child when the ones I have are practically grown, but good for him! I hope you're weekend goes better than you're Friday did!