Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day in the USA

Morning all. Today is Veterans day, I wish our country does a little bit, no a lot more for all of our solders that have come home. Veterans Haven, located in the Florida Keys is a non-profit organization dedicated to the assistance of veterans in need. Many Veterans are sleeping in make shift homes under bridges, in parks, in automobiles, etc. They need our help. Our government run veterans system is failing them; it's not enough, and not what they deserve. All our freedoms are because of them. Did any body know that 25% of our VETERANS are homeless ? . Please support Veterans Haven! Here is the address:

..Veterans Haven, Inc, P.O. Box 501803, Marathon, Florida - 33050, Phone: 1 877 743 4801, Fax: 305 289 1606

Sergeant Bill spent a month on a raft in the ocean trying to raise funds to build a homeless shelter for vets in the keys, all of his struggles of doing this was not met with what he had anticipated, last I knew he only raised $500. A lot of our veterans that are homeless live in the south where the weather is warmer, but we also have a lot in the north and out west, every dime or dollar you can send would be a help.

Every state has homeless vets, or those struggling to meet their needs, emotional, medical. Sometimes you see a a guy in a wheel chair and they have lost limbs and your first instinct is to look away and block that site, out of site and out of mind. Then perhaps some of you do as I do, turn back and give and support them. Here is other sites that can help, and all of your donations are greatly needed.

Thanks to a large part of our military men and women, we have freedom,

Do all you can to help and support the men and women who were brave enough to serve, And also those that had no choice and were drafted, they had their dreams of the future and family taken away from them.

God Bless them all! Happy Trails!!! And along the way Thank a Vet!


jenn said...

What a wonderful post. I hope you have inspired your readers to do what they can to help those who have served our country.

Helena said...

Thanks Jenn, The post is the least I can do. I don't think I have it in me to do what half of the Vets had to endure, first day of bootcamp would have found me begging my Mom and all the Saints, to take me home.