Saturday, October 06, 2007

Situation Sunday # 27

Special thanks goes out to Midgie and Bskaad for the photo's used in this edition. Check out their sites to the right :>)

Situation # 1
What is your first reaction, and what do you do when you accidental walk in on a " Unpredicted" situation....Scenario-- your child or a relative masturbating?

Situation # 2
You are a a state park and you and a friend are going to do some hiking. It is a beautiful day. The weather is perfect. You both decide to take the Blue Trail, which is a total of 6 miles of rugged terrain. As you go along having a wonderful hike,{ 2.5 miles into it} one of you needs to venture off the path for a moment for a nature call. As that person is away the other feels like someone is following or watching them. They seem to be waiting a while for the other to return,,,and finally starts calling their name and no response. And the feeling that some one else is watching is growing hear your friend scream then sudden silence.....What do you do?......{No cell phones}

Situation # 3


Raivyn said...

Great questions! My first SS :)

bskaad said...

Thats the question, what should i do..

#1 Close the door.
#2 Run like hell.
#3 Nothing i guess. Let the kids play

I answered your question

Cat. said...

My answers are up (see the link above).