Monday, October 08, 2007

Munday, and wishing it was still Sunday

Another great shot taken on my Cyber Journey To Norway, Thanks to Bskaad, check out his site in my favorites.

  1. Cluster :: Mess

  2. Announcement :: Birth

  3. Respect :: Parents

  4. Incident :: Something that accurred while I was away.

  5. Accordion :: Music

  6. Drunk :: Regretting

  7. If :: too close to No for me, something that is not going to happen.

  8. Dexter :: Shoes

  9. Wedding :: Do we have to go?

  10. Gambling :: I might win :>)

I like this Meme and don't play it enough as I should. Now I shall answer my Meme Situation Sunday, Read back for the questions if you like.

Situation #1

I usually knock as I am opening the door, by that time it is too late: I would say Sorry, quickly close the door and start laughing. Later when the person saw me I would tell them I am sorry for violating their space, Every one has done it one time or another and don't worry about it.

Situation #2

I would run as fast as I could, and be as quiet as I could. I might venture off the known path for a shortcut, and hope I would make it out to get help then go back.

Situation #3

I would approach the swing and say hi, then go about my business. I am sure I would feel the air and spot near by for a cold or warm area before I left,,,,,,Just the weirdness in me.( I sometimes when we are hiking try to visualize the people that put up the boundary stones, {J} just says I am total weird, lol

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