Friday, October 05, 2007


This shot was taken last year close to this date, it was 10/08/06, I am sure it must have been my last boat ride of the season back then. Now with the weather still in the 80's it is hard to imagine putting the boats away for the season. I am planning a boating trip on Sunday. I want to take my Kayak out and go down the river 7 miles and have { J } meet me. He thinks I am crazy. Grant it when I was camping on the last trip, I rode the shore line and almost flipped out when I saw a barge and 2 big boats coming.....I started to head to the shore line which was all rock and new I had to face them waves head on, or I would be crashing. { J } was on the hills watching me, from the foot paths so I knew I was not totally alone. So this Sunday I will pack some snacks...{ Radish slices, carrot sticks, and 2 Luna bars.} See I even have the meal plan....I just hope I don't chicken the freak out. Lately after doing the mail,, I have taken on doing a new case....I swore I didn't want to work so hard and needed time for me, but my one of my dearest friend {Karen} had adopted this neighbor years ago, and even thou she has moved out of the city into a home of her own, still helps her. She used to clean her house and shop- laundry and all for $5 a hour, because the lady was sooo poor. The lady fell and ended up in a nursing home, and every time Karen visited she said how she wants to go "Home", so Karen got her out. Well Karen is totally clueless when it comes to geriatric care, luckily for her the lady is mostly independent. But she is 90 and needs 24/7 care. So to give Karen a break I go after doing the mail, I rush there......Gotta run now, Work really interferes with my fun time. Happy Trails!!!!

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