Sunday, October 28, 2007

Situation # 30

Situation #1

You are out walking. You decide to walk along the river, where trains go by. You happen to notice a young women laying on the tracks, hoping a train will come soon to end her life. You have forgotten your phone. What do you do?

Situation #2

You are driving out in the county. You are about 30 minutes away from the nearest town. You witness the motorcycle ahead of you driving rather erotic, it suddenly goes side ways and slams in the railing along the road. You get out to try to help the guy. Blood seems to be every where. You phone 911, and give them your location. As you describe what you see, you realize that blood is gushing out of his neck. The 911 operator tells you that it will take 30 minutes to get to you. And that you need to apply pressure to the wound with your hand. AS you go to do this you notice the guy has a Med Alert bracelet. He is HIV positive. What do you do?
Situation #3
One of your co workers, { And a close friend } has just left the locker room. You notice that they have dropped a small package that has coke in it. What do you do.


jenn said...

I played. Please don't stop. I'm new to this, but like it!

meowminx said...

Hi! I havent played for a while, but I posted mine here. :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, don't stop...LOL... What would I do on Sunday??

Eaglehawk said...

I'm new, and I love it. my post is up at What would You Do?

meowminx said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I really like playing your SS. It's just that I went through blogging blahs, but now I'm back ;)

Have a great week!