Monday, October 29, 2007

Update On SS and Me :>)

My Answers To Situation Sunday

1} I would, Say " What the F**K are you thinking? Try to talk her out of it. And if that did not work or train was coming , pull her off the tracks. If it was hard and she was fighting me, I would try to knock her out. Then get her the help she needs, I am sure she would be on a Pysh ward, and go and visit her, then talk some sense into her.

2} I would definitely help. I always have bags in the car from shopping even if it is for trash, and a box of gloves. I would apply pressure until the medics come.

3} I would flush the crap, and talk to her {AGAIN}, about all the danger of drugs, and tell her about the people I have know and died from it. If that didn't work, that is her choice. I would always be her friend, and probably be the first to speak at her funeral.


Ok, on with what I have been doing. Mostly working again to much. Friday nights I go out to a new restaurant and become a food critic. My girlfriend Karen whom I have known like forever, we decided to do this. { I am thinking about writing for the local papers, they do not know yet.} Anyhow the first restaurant was great, it was Italian and excellent, price= $66. before tip. The second was was also Italian and highly overpriced. We both ordered T-bone steak, it came with Tuscany fries $38. Appetizer of calamari priced at $9 was overcooked and about 9 rings. I sent the first one back and the second was really not much better. With our 2 Corona's each it came to $106- before tip. Makes us wonder "What were we thinking". { J } has been his usual self, stubborn. It funny every one always sees how nice he is and lucky we are together. I had to laugh when I heard that he yelled at my sister for parking on the grass at the boat club. I thought now they see the true him. But where she parked, no one rides on the grass there, they do in the parking lot side. Occasionally some would park on the north side between the clam shack and the club for deliveries or handicap. There is always two sides to every story. My Mom really hates were she is, she says the people are dead heads. No one is lively. I really need to spend more time with her than I do. Right now I have been paying attention to the clock on my PC, Ugh which is a hour behind. It seems the PC went with the Fall back time, but we have not as of yet and I am still in PJ's and need to be to work in 45 minutes- I am leaving work at 4pm! That is final- Hope that works! Happy Trails!!


bskaad said...

Sounds like you pay allot for not so good food, and i hope the local newspaper figure out that you are suppose to work there. Then you could get your money back.

I can see from the pictures that the autumn is starting in Greene County too, nice to know it's not only in Norway.

Helena said...

Hi Bskaad, Fall has definetly arrived, and it is past it's peek in colors, some of my favorite tree's are now bare. Soon all shall be until a carpet of snow and ice glaze them all.