Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crapp happens-

(This tree is what a old patient of mine said was " The tree that says I dare you to hit me"}Well it looks like I will never update my happings from last week; but as I think about it they are behind me and there they shall remain. Who really cares about my struggles of meeting my deadlines or ........Oh, shit I see a pity party happening. But no I shall rise above it and just talk about positive things with a twist of sense of humor.....and just tell you about my day- It actually was a beautiful fall day. I had one house hold tech job to do. Had a great breakfast with my little sister, ate like a pig which was good since it was my only meal of the day. In between work and case's I phoned home. You ever call someone and they seem happy to answer the phone, until they realize it is you calling. Well that's how I feel every freakin time I call home. I here the tension in { J's } voice. grant it we have been together a long time and you can feel the others energy. Let me back track a bit....Sunday I bought a roast for Monday, thought we would have a nice supper together,,,well sorta he would have taken his dish in the bedroom or waited impatiently for me to finish mine in the kitchen. Well luck have it......he had a meeting Monday. No problem I thought and told him, we will have it Tuesday. But Tuesday came and he had a board meeting......Grant it about now I am thinking feed the roast to the dog, We will get a new one, I bought it and it was only $15, I still remained my happy fruity disposition. Well we were going to eat it today......I seasoned it before I left the house, asked him to put it in the oven "FOR" me, and we will eat around 6sh. I got home at 5:30, { I think the dog acknowledged I was home} told him I was just switching cars to get gas in the mail truck,.,,,be right back.....he grabbed me and kissed me and said wait my love,,,,,Ya right, nice thought but wasn't happing with here. I ran up street to gas station and nearby store , home in 15 minutes.......He had potatoes in pot-=stated with authority to mash them---tested them with a fork,,,,,the were raw' told him they need to cook { grant it he must have just threw them on to boil} He was in the middle of slicing the meat, I told him don't cut it all up- (It was 3lbs,,,we weren't going to eat it all, At least I thought not,why drain it out),,He gave me the death stare and put his knife down and stormed out the kitchen. That was that !no word said,,,,and now 4 hours have passed and nothing said between us. Happy relation ship, I think not. When is enough where you finally draw the line. Can't he figure out this is not working, I can't live out the rest of my life like this,,,,I really am a great person........Happy Trails!!!!

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