Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Passing the gavel

Today I was awarded a Halloween award, over at jenn blog.This started over at Hootin' Anni's. The idea is to award this to not only your friends, but to random people as well. People who take the time to comment on your page. { I copied this from Jenn's site.....oops hope you don't mind} So I pickedJennifer , she drives a school bus and always has a great blog, and finds the time to answer my Situation Sunday, meme questions. Also I pick..bskaad. ,,,,and...midgies...Also three new ones that just stopped by my Wordless Wednesday photo....
pips.........Hoto........ONwebCHECK . Check out their sites. I started to finish my update on what is happening in my world but again I got caught up in the cyber scene, now it is past my bed time, I have such a hard time getting to bed early and trying to get up on time. I just realized my only day off is Sunday and this past week, I didn't even have that off----oh well- For now happy trails!!!!!!

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