Thursday, October 18, 2007

13 Things That Occupied My Time This Week


1} Shopping- Just for food, nothing fun.

2} Work-Postal, Homecare, My Tech gig

3} Putor time, and actually not enough, I haven't

reported any buzz to my buzz agent Juno. Or completed any survies from Synovate.

4} Writing on a dry board, communicating with patient.

5} cooking for patient and my self.

6} Laundry

7} Picture taking ( Digetal)

8} Picture taking ( With a old 35mm)

9} Down loading pictures, and deleating some ;>)

10} Visiting 2 nursing homes, trying to find a good place for

my Mom.

11} talking on the phone ( which I seem to hate more and more as I get older.)

12} Trying to figure out what to for the rest of my life.

13) Exercising....( Which is a plus)

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Patti said...

Busy week! :) I hate talking on the phone more and more too! Happy Thursday!

jenn said...

At least exercising made it on your list. I never find the time or have the energy.
Happy TT!

Kathy said...

You had a busy week! And it's not over yet!
Have a restful weekend!