Sunday, September 23, 2007

Situation Sunday # 25

This is the 25 edition of Situation Sunday. Welcome, try to really use your imagination; Picture your self there. This first situation is a hard one to deal with, but it is true and really happened, in a few days I shall post how those that were in it, handled it. Perhaps if your unable to answer any of these scenario's, leave a comment any way. On with the Show--

Situation # 1
You are in the service. Stationed over in Iraq. Some one in your group gets shot by a missile. The missile goes into there midsection and pierces the guy. It is sticking out in the front and the back of him. The guy never looses conscience, and pleads for help. The rules are clearly written out in black and white, if this ever happens do not go any where near them- treat them as if they are dead already. There is the possibility that more could die if near him and it goes off-- What do you choose to do.
Situation # 2
You have been chatting awhile on line, at one of the numerous dating sites. You think you have met Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, your soul mate. You are about to meet at a very nice restaurant,after 7 months of deep serious chat. When you get there you realize that your date is a Siamese Twin. They are attached at the head. One is facing one way, and the other the opposite. What do you do?
Situation # 3
One of your siblings or a close friend is constantly doing things that really bother you. They at times act like the superior one, and tell you what to do. Or they will try to keep something of importance a secret from you finding out. This is beginning to take its toll on you and you are almost at the point where you want nothing to do with them. How do you handle it and what do you do?

Situation # 4
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Jennifer said...

Wow! I am awaiting what they really did.