Monday, September 24, 2007

My Day

{ This is a great shot that Bskaad took on the trip back from Oslo,,His site is to the right and you can check out his journey , and all of his great shots }
The Northeast has been picture perfect weather lately. I am so enjoying it. Yesterday , Midgie came to town and was about to come over but { J } was in one of his moods-poor negative soul at times. We were staking 2 tons of pellets and not once did you hear me complain, and God knows I could have. So I told her I would meet her and go to a farm stand I like to visit. On the way there we stopped at a Antique shop and I fell in love with tons of things. I so wish I had a little Villa of my own; decorated in retro. They had a lounge seat that I feel in love with and for only $400. I have no room in my apartment now....I need a little villa that I can go to and meditate { or just surf the net and blog },,,play my mood music, do some yoga, take a nap in a sunny room on my lounge chair,,,,,oh how wounder full that sounds to me. Ok I got side tracked,,,we then went to 2 farm stands and they were fun. At the second one we goofed off and took some pictures of my nephew. He is such a cutie, he graduates this year and all has been a challenge for him. He has my little brothers height- The polish blood trait in being lean and tall. Today was another great one for me...I was alone all am and got to surf at a few of my favorite sites, and also clean, I am down to one room left to go. Might sound strange but I mopped my kitchen floor today...First time in a year I think. Usually { J } does it for me, { Spoiled I am I know},,I might even do it again someday. Well now its off to TV land before I ramble on about something else.....Happy Trails!!!


bskaad said...

thanks for the nice comment, and of curs if you lead your readers to my blog, you can use the pictures as you please.

Sounds like you head a nice trip, it's a pity that you don't have enough room for all the stuff you wanted to by, but i guess it will come some day.
If not, you have to by smaller things :-)

Helena said...

Bskaad, You are welcome! I just love your scenery shots, Norway looks like such a lovely place, Lots of waterways, and lakes. If I lived there I definetly would have a boat. I hope who ever reads my blog will journey on toward yours! Have a great day!