Saturday, September 01, 2007

Situation Sunday #22

Situation 1}You have won tickets to Dr. Phil. or Oprah. To discuss what is very important to you,,,What do you discuss?
Can you talk about it live on TV?....If it meant you will win 1/2 a million to discuss?

Situation 2} You are out shopping in a neighboring city. You are at this stop sign where it seems stuck on red. As you look around at the surrounding notice your spouse's in law leaving a motel room with their boss. Do you tell your significant other,,,or your in law...or do you pretend like,,,the character in Hogan's hero....Shultz....I hear nothing,,,,I see nothing! ..What do you do?

Situation 3} You are out on a date with someone that you like,,but yet you do not really know them. You are out on their boat on the ocean....they accidentally fall over, you reach for the life ring to throw to them,,,{ life ring= floatation device} does not reach them. You not knowing how to swim,,,,what do you do? the boat radio was never a option,,,it was never hooked up. You also have no cell sevice.....What do you do?


jenny-up the hill said...

I noticed that there was a story in your sidebar about a little guy getting a 5 organ transplant! My son, Gus, was waiting on a liver/small bowel transplant but was not able to hold out. He died last May...I love to see transplant news floating around the web...the more attention drawn to donation the better.

And...this is new to me...this "situation sunday"'s neat and I'll be back to leave my link. Do you have a button???

Helena said...

Jenny- I am so sorry for your loss. You are right more attention needs to be drawn to organ donation and stem cell resurch to. Sorry no button but I will try {again,lol} to make one.

jenny-up the hill said...

Ok friend! I've posted my Sit. Sun...that was fun and made me think! I'll be back to visit the other links...