Sunday, September 02, 2007

I have been Tagged, and possible you

I have been tagged by The Life of a school bus driver

for this The Fab4 lists. The idea is simple, just answer the questions. Those that don't have blogs can answer in my comment section at

4} Jobs I've Held ($):

1)Waitress at Duncan Donuts

2)Recreation Leader at a dayprogram for 1-k

3) Home Health Aide for various clients
4) Mail Carrier for USPS

4} Films I could watch Over and Over:

1) I am very bad at remebering movie names, So I would say any movie on Lifetime, Which some I have seen over and over again.

2) The Titanic

3) Gone With The Wind

4) Lost Boys

4} Television Shows I Watch:

1) Fat March

2) Rebba

3)Fox News

4)Wife Swap

4 Places I've Lived:

1)Poughkeepsie, NY
4)Clarian, PA

4} Favorite Foods:

1)Anything I cook, I am a exellent Gourmet type of person.
2)Beef Wellington
3)Portabella Parmission, Portabella Benidick [sp]
4)Calimari { Ok there was 5, but I could go on and on,lol}

4} Web Sites I Visit Everyday:

1)NY Lottery.Org

2)My Blog, and any one that has commented that day.

3)MY Mail

4)Just Surfing, What ever intests me that day. News, Food,Health Issues, ex. And Other Bloggers.

4} Places I would Love To Be Right Now:

1)The Carribean, Tortola

2)On the beach up in Salisberry State Park

3)On Our Island

4)The Gym

4} Favorite Colors:



3) Marroon


4} Names That I Love, But Would/Could Not Use for My Children...Ok, or Pets:


I pass this Fab 4 Meme onto 4 people I'd like to know more about, and whose sites you might like?

Miles to go before I sleep


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