Sunday, August 05, 2007

Situation Sunday #18

Situation #1
You have traveled across state lines to be at a close friend/acquaints wedding, at the church you realize you outfit is the same as the brides mothers or fathers.....what do you do before if any the receptions begins?

Situation #2
You are on vacation, { camping, at a state park} and during a outing of a bike ride, a storm has brewed....the skies look hideous-tornado,hurricane or severe thunder- who knows. Race as you may, you will not reach your spot. So you head to nearest shelter. You are alone. You reach a bathroom, on the campgrounds.....the next person to enter the 9 month's pregnant----they go into cell service....they beg you not to leave them,,,as each second draws closer to birth.....what do you do?

Situation #3
You are @ a wedding of a close friend, or relative; of your date's,,, The $ dollar dance is up. You do the nice thing of paying to dance with one of the " Happy Couple", and they either dance a little too close and make it a grind move,or come right out and ask you do you react....right there on the floor....what do you do or say?

Situation #4
You are entering a contest on " What makes you the most glad to be alive" what do you write about? And why?


Marianne Arkins said...

I'm playing this week! Thanks for the great meme!

Jennifer said...

I just got home from weekend away, but I did my Situations. Great Situations this week. Keep up the fun.