Friday, August 03, 2007

End of Holiday........

Wow I can't believe it....I am home down loading all my pics and { J } has not taken one picture of me in my worst posses. Usually he is ready to grab the camera if I am on the John, or bending over. This truly is a first. This shot here I took on our only walk together. It was weird this year, we mostly biked ride than walk together. I enjoyed the sunsets, even thou I was alone. By the time 8pm came around { J } was ready to collapse and I was going to join him shortly. The sun & heat drains you at the end of the day. It was hot, and warm. When we arrived home it was hot and muggy,,the water just rolled off of us. I swear I lost 5 lbs of water built up...{ Ok, might have been Coors light}. I tread the back to schedule is booked up for 2 weeks. I promised my self I would not take on a new case for a while- but I now have a old case that I had before. The couple moved away out of state to live but have came back---I gave as you would say...Head of house hold to Linda. I worked with her before and find her more than competent to do the job,, the first week I was away she was shooting daggers at me.....a lot more complicated than she can handle, so I will go this week and offer suggestions. But I refuse to be the ringmaster. Still to this day i think of my last patient and how close I let my self become. I refuse to get there again. So now holiday is over and back to reality.....UGh- Happy Trails!!!

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