Tuesday, August 07, 2007

life and thoughts

Things have been non-stop for me since I have been home. It seems that there is one function or another to attend. Plus work really interferes with a lot of my social life. The perfect job for me would be seasonal only going in winter and making enough to last the rest of the year and have enough money to spend and save in style. Unfortunately that is not happening yet and I am living paycheck to paycheck, and this Friday's pay check will be a empty pay stub,,ugh. But I will forget about that for awhile and really be grateful to the amount of weight I will loose, and the work I will accomplish. I have enough food in my cupboards to live on with out getting all the extra fat things I enjoy. I will be able to stay home more and ride my bike and boat abit. I love this photo of low tide....I like the way the sand stands up, and the water pools around it. It reminds me of the globe, and every sand mound is a content. I took way too many pics...but I love them all. For now Happy Trails!!!!

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