Sunday, July 15, 2007

Situation Sunday #15

Situation #1} A friend of yours is having surgery, it is not life threatening and they shall be fine in a week. But they live alone and really need a friend to be there with them the first 2 days of being home. They are scared and might need your help. They have no family that lives in the same state. They live in another county than you. They ask you to stay with them. Your Boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse is totally jealous of you not being "home". And they forbid you in going. Realize that nothing you say to your significant other will help or make it better. What do you do?
Situation #2} You have dated this person and for one reason or another you are broken up. Time goes by and you are with another but yet you have unresolved feelings for this person. A close friend of your wants to date them. Could you stand by and remain friends with that person even thou it hurts you...?
Situation #3} Your parent is getting up there in age. They have always been very independent. And refuse to stop doing things after clearly they can't. They want to continue to drive, even if it means going 35 miles a hour. How do you stop them and take away the keys?.....They tell you if you try to stop them they will take you out of their will and disown you. What do you do.
Situation #4} You have booked this holiday reservation at this resort that promises every thing perfect. Pool- golf- 5 star restaurant. Excellent service. You have paid in advance and look forward to it. You get there and it falls way short of your expectations. The pool is filled with pond water and not chemically treated. The golf course is overgrown with weeds and not maintained.....The 5 star restaurant actually serves Kraft Macaroni and cheese. They refuse to give you anything back......your only vacation of the year.....what do you do?


Cat. said...

My answers are up here

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Up here.

Jennifer said...

Mine is all done too. Great situations as usual.